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What is an Initial Status Conference?

Domestic Relations cases (divorces, custody, etc.) in Colorado all require an Initial Status Conference (“ISC”) be held shortly after the filing of the case. Each judicial district creates their own rules and procedures for the ISC. In the 4th Judicial District, which is El Paso County (Colorado Springs) and Teller County, the ISC must be held within 42 days of filing the Petition. Your attorney (or the opposing Party’s attorney if there is one) will obtain the date and time for the Initial Status Conference and communicate these to you.  It is mandatory that you attend the Initial Status Conference, so plan accordingly. Something rather surprising to discover about the Initial Status Conference is that other than having to be…

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Military Divorce—Some Issues to Consider

The Law Office of Jeanne M. Wilson & Associates, PC. Military Divorce

When a member of the armed services (we’ll call this the “military member”) gets divorced, there are some special considerations for both the military member and their spouse. When children are involved, paying particular attention to how the military lifestyle has affected them and will affect the family relationships is important. Military members can be absent for long periods of time and the demands upon them even when they are home, can be challenging for the family. The emotional and social consequences for the divorcing military member and spouse can complicate recovery from the whole unpleasant process. Knowing what to expect can help both the military member and spouse better manage the process and themselves. Financial Considerations: Spousal Maintenance: If…

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Restraining Orders – Some Basic Information

Colorado Springs Restraining Order Attorney

When a restraining order (known in Colorado as a “Civil Protection Order”) is needed, someone has experienced something frightening or threatening and they need the extra power of law enforcement behind their wish to have the other person “stay away from me”. At The Law Office of Jeanne M. Wilson & Associates, PC, we handle restraining orders relating to a divorce or custody dispute. This article addresses situations where someone wants a restraining order against their partner/spouse/parent of their Children. Such restraining orders involve allegations of domestic violence.  Domestic violence is usually physical abuse but can also be committed through harassment and threats. No matter the facts behind the allegations, the same things need to be alleged and/or proven.  Those…

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Don’t Leave Your Home – Facts You May Not Know About Divorces and Property Divisions

Divorce and Separation Home Ownership Rules

Divorces are so fact-specific that it is hard to find one rule that applies to all situations.  However, more often than not, I find you cannot go wrong with this advice: don’t leave the house. This means that even though the two of you are suffering by living together, continuing to live at the home while the divorce is pending is almost always the better choice. You may believe that since you have to sign listing agreements or a quit claim deed to sell the house nothing can be done to infringe on your home ownership rights.  Not true. Also, it really does not matter in whose name the loan or deed exist. So, don’t listen to an angry spouse…

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Jeanne M. Wilson Wins Colorado Springs Style Magazine 2019 Top Attorney Award for Family Law

2019 CSprings Style Mag Award

“2019 Colorado Spring’s Style Magazine Top Attorneys, voted on by their peers, to help you find the right person for your legal work.” SOURCE: “Who was surveyed? – Approximately 900 licensed attorneys in El Paso County were invited via email to complete the survey, with electronic reminders sent, encouraging participation. In addition, attorneys were asked to forward the online voting information to their colleagues.” 2019 TOP ATTORNEY IN FAMILY LAW Wilson, Jeanne M. / Law Office of Jeanne M Wilson & Associates 1160 Lake Plaza Dr, Colorado Springs CO 80906 Jeanne M. Wilson was recognized with this year’s 2019 Colorado Springs Style Magazine Top Family Law Attorney award! Having received this distinction in prior years, Jeanne M. Wilson couldn’t be more grateful…

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