FROM THE PARALEGAL’S DESK: How to decrease your attorney costs in a family law case

How to decrease your attorney costs in a family law case

During the course of your case, you will likely work with the attorney’s paralegal. One major facet of the paralegal’s job is to organize and categorize everything about your case so it makes sense to the attorney and the attorney can access it, understand it, and use it to help you get what you want. Using a paralegal to do all of this is far more cost effective for a Client because the paralegal’s billing…

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Your divorce is final—what now? (part 1)

Divorce is final - now what?

For many who have gone through a divorce, it is a difficult concept to accept—but the real work starts after the divorce is granted. Untangling years of joint finances as well as meeting Court ordered obligations and establishing new financial avenues to meet your needs in the future is waiting. Refinancing or selling a home, and finding a new home, moving in or out is waiting.  Refinancing a vehicle in your own name or finding…

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Some Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid (Part 2)

Most Common Divorce Mistakes

Leaving the Marital Home-when a divorcing spouse leaves the house and moves elsewhere during the divorce process, they often lose much of the control over what is happening with what is likely their most valuable asset. Not being present in the home means the opposing party has better access to realtors and house hunters and the opposing party can actually control the process. The condition of the house and the availability of the house for…

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Some Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid (Part 1)


Most people going through a divorce are in uncharted territory. Almost everything that will happen will be uncertain and will be a matter of choices and consequences.  For every move that is made there is a consequence. Sometimes the consequence alters the course of the future, sometimes it is hardly a blip. Knowing some of the more common mistakes to avoid, can help a Client achieve a better outcome, better settlement and a better future.…

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