Divorce can be a difficult process. There are several actions you can take to better prepare yourself for a divorce. The more preparation you put into it, the smoother the process will be. But you may be asking yourself, how can I prepare for a divorce? What can I do? We have prepared this comprehensive divorce preparation checklist to help you understand what you need and what you can do to be ready.

DETERMINE JURISDICTION: This can be a tricky issue—but it is essential!  Is Colorado able to grant you a divorce? What are the “residency requirements” and do you meet them? Just being in Colorado for 90 days doesn’t necessarily mean Colorado has jurisdiction to grant someone a divorce. Don’t start a divorce in the wrong state or you will needlessly waste time and money.

WHAT DOCUMENTS ARE YOU GOING TO NEED? Gathering documents is a time-consuming and not so pleasant task but it is so important. Knowledge is power in a divorce; and, you will learn a lot from the documents you gather.

MARITAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY: How are you going to divide the “stuff”—meaning household items, vehicles, retirement accounts, wedding rings, pets, etc.? Is there a business that was started or maintained during the marriage? What about your pension?

BUDGET: How will you live, pay bills, afford the lifestyle you worked for and deserve during the divorce process and after? Start the plan now so you will be ready and can protect yourself financially.

GOALS: Where do you want to end up when the divorce is over? If you don’t set goals, you will simply react to what your spouse is doing and wander aimlessly through the process.  Take control of the process and your life.

HOUSING: Where will each of you live now and after the divorce is final and how will you afford two lifestyles?

THE MARITAL HOME: What will happen to the house? Can you afford it, and do you even want it? What do you do now?

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